Pre Shooting Site Preparations


Have the property ready upon 3D photographer arrival

Keep It Lighting


Keep It Clear


Keep It Tidy


Keep It Clean

Images are a very important aspect of marketing and selling your property/space. Photos and 3D scans are typically the first impressions that a client has when considering your space. Make it count and take the time to prepare your property/space and you can help our image experts create visuals of your property/space that help sell by following the tips below:


  • Move vehicles from the driveway and park away from the front of the home.
  • Please remove anything that is not intended to be in the property/space out of site.
  • Remove all unwanted things from line of sight.
  • Remove all unwanted décor.
  • Straighten deck furniture, pillow, bedsheet. Must be presentable (at your liking) patch holes paint walls and generally tidy the area


  • Clear all counter tops. No dish rags or towels, soaps, knives or cutting boards. It’s okay to leave a few small appliances for size perception.
  •  Remove dish drying racks and dishes from the sink.
  • Remove trash can.


  • Clear the counter from absolutely every item considered to be personal.
  • Remove toilet cleaning brushes, toilet plungers and trash cans.
  • Remove shampoo and conditioner bottles and personal items from the shower and tub area.
  • Close the toilet lids.
  • Remove all floor mats.
  • Ensure towels are clean and neatly hung.


  • Clean Up: Prepare the site with best display possible. Clean, vacuum, mop and beautify the space.
  • Please take into consideration that the camera rotates 360 and captures all the view within line of sight.
  • Adjust lighting: Turn on all the lights in your property before the photography starts, make sure every room is well lit, either from natural sources (open windows) or actual lights.
  • Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight can blow out the image and/or disrupt the image sensor – this will result in poor 3D geometry (otherwise known as “holes” in Floorplan or Dollhouse views). Therefore, outdoor or balcony scans usually done in 360°
  • Scan Path: Your existing floor plan is required to plan the scan path. If you have a copy, please email, WhatsApp to us.
  • Ventilate the space, turn on the aircon to avoid humidity and dehydrations of the photographer. (A must)
  • Conceal holes and unwanted things.
  • Turn all ceiling fans off. They will create motion blur in the final output
  • Turn all televisions/ or pause the TV to preferred image/logo.
  • Store all removed items in the garage (if not being photographed) or in closets or cabinets.
  • limit no of people on-premise: If at all possible, it is best if the photographer can be alone in the property/space to create the 3D tour. Every 60 seconds or so, the photographer moves the camera and
    has to hide out of the way of the way so that the 360-degree camera can scan the room. Depending on the size of the home, this will be done around 75-200 times. It becomes difficult when the photographer has to make sure others are hiding as well
  • Don’t move anything:

1. Keep every object and piece of furniture in place: This includes chairs, doors, blinds, and items strewn about – moving objects will cause alignment errors and should be avoided.

2. Avoid moving objects: Pets, people, a robot vacuum – anything that moves freely through your space can cause alignment errors. Put your pet outside and advise others on the property to spend time in a different room while the camera is scanning.

3. Keep the doors closed, or keep them open (but don’t do both): Because you’ll be taking numerous scans, having a room with a closed-door in one scan and a door open in another can be confusing from a user perspective – choose early on whether you want all doors to be open, or closed.

4. If you’re propping a door, do so at a 45° angle, or at your liking.

Important Remarks


  • Reflective Surface and Close objects in small space.
    1. Reflective surfaces, like glass, stainless steel, shiny surface can create a small defects.
    2. Defects: Mostly it’s in form of broken lines on the edge of the surface.
    3. Small spotlight can create a spread reflection (only if you look up)
  •  Scanning/Production/Postproduction
    1.  On average, it takes 1.5 hrs. to scan a 1000sqft of space (Property show unit)
    2.  Editing happens once we satisfied with the scan> we initiate the processing.
    3.  After 24hrs (for space below +-3000sqft) the model will be rendered. Unless the is a technical error, it might take 48 hrs.
    4. Post-processing begins right after the model is processed, based on your need.
    5.  On average a model can be handed over within 24-48hrs. Large space will take a week for handover
  •  Cloud Hosting
    1.  The 3D showcase model is hosted in cloud server (as per matterport’s requirements). You cannot host in your server. You will be given iframe code, which you can embed into your website, and short code for social media sharing.
    2.  Alternatively, you can download the 3D model into your IOS device for offline view via app. Free, no cost. Offline download for Android is not supported.
    3.  Annual hosting fees applicable.

Download Site Preparation Checklist